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Tommy Dorsey, Having Wonderful TimeThe Music Of Django ReinhardtThe Int All Stars Play Goodman 2The Essential Buck Clayton
1089, Tommy Dorsey, Having Wonderful Time1088, The Music Of Django Reinhardt1087, The Int All Stars Play Goodman 21086, The Essential Buck Clayton
Terrie Richards-Alden, Voice With HeartTeresa Brewer, Basie, Songs Of BessieSwing Trumpet KingsSummit Reunion 1992, Milt Hinton
1085, Terrie Richards-Alden, Voice With Heart1084, Teresa Brewer, Basie, Songs Of Bessie1083, Swing Trumpet Kings1082, Summit Reunion 1992, Milt Hinton
Soprano SummitSonny Sweets & JawsSlam Stewart, Black& Blue SessionsSinatra& Basie
1081, Soprano Summit1080, Sonny Sweets & Jaws1079, Slam Stewart, Black& Blue Sessions1078, Sinatra& Basie

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